Today Was Strange

So, today I had to serve as a juror. Well, I had to show up, but we were dismissed after an hour because we weren’t needed. That, I will consider good fortune, however as I wasn’t expecting to have to get a ride home that early, I was sort of stuck. I wandered around a little, and eventually came upon a little family owned store/restaurant. A homeless man loitered outside, and as I was about to enter he asked if I would buy him some food. I did, though I knew absolutely nothing of his background (for all I know he was homeless because he felt an entitlement). Anyway, I bought him a bag of chips, then purchased some food for myself. As I was at the register, I overheard some of the staff talking, while one was on the phone. It wasn’t hard to guess they were calling the police on the guy (not that I really blame them). I ate my meal and drank my coffee, and while I enjoyed my food I managed to set up a ride. So, I wrapped up the leftovers, handed them to the homeless guys as I exited, warned him that the police would likely be showing up, then walked up the street. It wasn’t very surprising when a few moments later, a police officer strolled up the sidewalk. The homeless man (I wish I had talked more with him and learned more about him), began to walk up the street, at a slightly accelerated rate. The police officer calmly followed, and as they neared the intersection, a police car pulled up next to the homeless man and he was caught. As we drove away, I saw him sitting on against a wall, with what appeared to be handcuffs, and the police officers talking amongst themselves.

Well, that’s it, just thought I would share. Also, the song I’m currently working on will likely take awhile, because I’m not really sure where it’s leading me; it’ll take time to track down what it will be. However, I have some songs saved up from when I didn’t have internet, so I will likely be uploading thoseĀ  now and then. (and I’m still looking for a vocalist)

Hope you guys are doing well,

The Other Chameleon

P.S. I think I might do some more posts that aren’t just links to music or updates on my progress of songwriting.

Wanted: Vocalist to Collaborate With

So, I’m looking for someone to record vocals to my compositions… I’m not going to be really picky, as long as you can sing, we can try it out. If you’re interested, feel free to get in contact with me. This will be done over the internet, so you will need to be able to record your own vocals, and then send them to me.